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Restricting garage sales hard on people who work all week

Concerning being limited to three garage sales a year. I really don't like that idea. For one being, living by myself, it's hard to get the sale set ...

Tribes are 'not qualified to run city government'

On the question of the new lawyers trying to get Riverton moved onto the reservation, giving the tribes control over Riverton government would be a ...

Could county offices be open part-time?

With respect to the county offices that have been closed in Riverton because of the disagreement with the treasurer and the commissioners, I suggest ...

Tribes' case 'didn't get any better' just because new lawyers are hired

You asked for opinions of the new lawyers hired by the two Indian tribes here to take on the border case.
It was lawyers who created this as an issue ...

Investment in health care is of more benefit than hoarding the rainy day fund

The Founders promised that ours would be government by, of and for the people. It appears that the governed are being ruled by the governing. The servants are ...

'Win or lose,' new lawyers will cash in from the tribes

My opinion on the new lawyers for the tribes in the case about whether Riverton is on the Wind River reservation is the lawyers are going to bleed the ...

Health care repeal would have meant end to insurance

I vote in elections, but I am not a political person. I don't see why my health insurance has become a political issue. What I know is that my ...

'Trump, Trump, Trump' news might not be enjoyable, but it is necessary

In his column of Sunday, July 9, Randy Tucker said he was tired that all the TV news had on it was "Trump, Trump, Trump." He said he liked a Japanese ...

Let's work together 'to make our city shine' for solar eclipse visitors

Riverton is about to become one of the host cities for hundreds of thousands of people who will come to Wyoming to witness the total eclipse of the ...

Annual peace march 'brings attention to what needs attention'

Our third annual Community Peace March took place July 18 in Riverton.
I wanted to take a moment and thank all those who participated and those who ...

'We can find a way forward' on improving health insurance

"Under Obamacare, premiums have more than doubled since 2013, and in Wyoming, we have only one insurer, some of the highest premiums in the country, ...

Property is an eclipse worry

My big worry in all the eclipse buildup is the impact it might have on private citizens and property. I do not have a business, and I do not plan to have ...

Good idea to re-examine who gets local lodging tax revenue

I never really paid much attention to the Wind River Visitors Council and how it spends the lodging tax money that it gets until reading your news ...

Column about cool minivan moms 'hit it right on the head'

I commend writer Alejandra Silva for her column about being a "cool minivan mom." She hit it right on the head.
It has never made sense to me how ...

'It does seem strange' not to elect the candidate who got most votes

I have been reading the letters and other comments about the electoral college in light of the presidential election. As Mr. Peck wrote at the ...

Friday Night Cruise was better when cars drove the full route

Every year someone brings this up, so I guess this year it is my turn. I really do like the downtown street cruise during Riverton Rendezvous, but it ...

Missed seeing the balloons fly on Sunday morning

We weren't able to get to the balloon rally flight on the Saturday launch, July 15, so we went up the next morning. But the balloons didn't fly.
To ...

Lodging tax income is down countywide, but not in Dubois

The article about Wind River Visitors Council budgeting was largely correct. However, as a Dubois representative to the WRVC and a member of the ...

Added food vendors made Friday event better this year

One improvement I noticed this year at the Friday Night Cruise on Main Street was there were more food-sales booths set up along the way.
This seems ...

Good ol' days weren't so good for Americans' health coverage

When it comes to pre-existing health conditions, there is no such thing as the good ol' days.
As the Wyoming director of AARP, I know we cannot ...


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