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'Anti-gun crowd' trying to fool American public

Feb 8, 2013 - Dennis Koppenhafer, Shoshoni


Bonnie Mennen stated in her letter of January that we were condemning Betty Starks Case for speaking out on gun control. I spent 20 years in the military defending her right to speak out on any issue. What I spoke of in my letter was her lack of knowledge on the issue of so called "'Assault weapons." I only hope that she will become more knowledgeable on the issue and the facts. The Obama administration is playing with the public's ignorance and leading them down the proverbial path. The so called "Assault weapons" are no more than look alike to the real Assault rifles that are already banned for possession in the United States without Federal permission. Law abiding citizens can't own them unless they have a Federal permit.

Bonnie also stated that definitions are not important in the discussion, and I beg to differ. Definitions are very important or the Federal government will pass legislation that far overreaches the intent. I'll use her example of knives.

If someone does harm with a "'Dagger" which is defined in Webster's as "A short pointed weapon with sharp edges" (which denotes more than one edge) and the Feds outlaw them by using the term knife, we have a major problem. A knife is defined as "'A cutting instrument having a sharp blade with a handle." The definition of knife is too broad. Daggers would be outlawed, but so would any steak knife, kitchen knife, etc.

If interpreted by the Federal Knife Administration on a too broad basis even a wood chisel could be outlawed. Bonnie should not want anyone to pass legislation that is so broad, and since the terms being used in the gun debate are being used incorrectly, she should be very careful about what she wishes for since the Feds could easily outlaw all semi-automatic firearms using the "'Assault weapon" terminology.

The anti-gun crowd is now trying to convince the American public that all firearm transfers should be required a background check (the so called gun show loophole). In 2010 there were, 72,600 applications for purchase denied due to the current background check. Of those 72,600 only 44 were prosecuted! Vice President Biden in his meetings with the NRA and other pro-gun organizations was asked about this. His statement was to the effect that they didn't have the time or the manpower to prosecute every case. So rather than prosecute the violations they have, they want to pass more stringent laws requiring more background checks. Guess they just want to have more to ignore! The intent of the antigunners is to fool the public into thinking that more laws further restricting the law abiding will help.

Our forefathers fought and died to establish our freedoms under The Constitution. Shame on us if we continue to allow our federal government to take them from us little by little!

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